What constitutes Evidence?

The Education Endowment Foundation works predominantly with Primary and Secondary Schools in the rest of the UK and provides cost/benefit analyses of high quality strategies to improve attainment. Research in Higher Education teaching and learning shares many of the Common Pitfalls in Conducting Evaluations and there has been a great deal of re-invention of the wheel with regular guides The Evaluation Cookbook (LTDI, 1998) and books written to help us address some of the recurring issues.

Prof. Steve Reicher on evidence and textbooks (YouTube, first 3 minutes) URL
What is Qualitative Research (YouTube, 12 mins) URL
Quantitative v Qualitative Research (YouTube, 7 minutes)

The Enhancement Theme Website has many useful resources to this in including a students guide to using evidence and more (good to see that completely independently they have asked similar questions to us!).